In the current market and climate, the best solutions consist of a combination of the best people, and the best technology. To truly understand just how exposed to risk clients could be, we realised that we need to be proactive and unlock the potential which technology offers us, to deliver unparalleled service.

For this reason, IUM has formed a key partnership with geospatial, satellite and aerial survey specialists. With over 150 years of combined Industry experience specialising in: Lidar Surveying, Geospatial Information Systems, Advanced Satellite imagery and mapping – as well as Hyperspectral imagery – all of which, can be used to better a client's risk.

IUM is hard at work developing a Geospatial Information Management System (GIMS) that will include:

- Ongoing Geo-coding of Insured Clients, including customized geospatial data layering, advanced satellite imagery and mapping.

- Specialist UAV Surveying utilising the latest X-ray technology.

Utilising advanced satellite imagery, coupled with powerful analytical software, enables IUM to observe the surrounding exposures of an insured premises on a regular basis.

Fire breaks are monitored by measuring vegetation growth change over time with very little human intervention. IUM is notified of any abnormalities that fall outside of the set parameters which enable us to alert the client to an increased risk requiring remedial action.

Technology gives us the competitive edge in a market that is constantly evolving, to provide clients with consistent best practices and ways to mitigate their risk effectively.