IUM's own bespoke survey management software platform

In-Syte manages the full life cycle, from survey requests to the completion of the last risk requirement, in an active workflow environment with built in triggers and reminders, ensuring the client, broker and underwriter are kept abreast of due dates and timelines, improving underwriting profitability through risk prevention.

Ultimately, this improves risk management through proactive prevention and mitigation by allowing us to:

  • capture live data on site, accelerating the turnaround time of reporting
  • manage surveyor workloads ensuring our attention to detail is not compromised
  • automate risk scoring and requirements by scoring individual answers and responses according to scale, ratings and weightings
  • automatically follow up on risk requirements via email or SMS and
  • track and update risk requirements as they are completed

The In-Syte dashboard provides a single view of a client’s risk profile and facilitates the analysis of the entire portfolio. With easy-to-use functionality and customised portals for brokers and clients, it streamlines the risk management process and provides superior insight for strategic decision making across all classes of business. In-Syte equips IUM with the intelligence and control essential in mitigating risk and reducing exposure.