Risk Surveying At IUM

Since its inception, the Risk Management department at IUM has grown to include a large team of full-time surveyors, fire engineers and risk analysts, utilizing State-of-the-art technology to conduct the most comprehensive surveys in the market.

The IUM Surveying department is a free, dedicated resource, available to all IUM clients, that allows IUM to survey additional locations outside of the target location.

Owning this surveying resource also ensures that we maintain control of the full risk management process from start to finish.

IUMs internal survey team, are amongst the best in the industry. All our teams:

  • undergo extensive, ongoing training including fire prevention training and are able to determine and recommend the correct fire prevention equipment necessary for the risk they are evaluating
  • remain abreast of all current legislative requirements
  • assess and identify high risk operational processes in order to mitigate complex risks and ensure the correct preventative measures are implemented
  • determine the structural integrity of racking and shelving systems
  • evaluate the type of paneling being used in cold storage facilities and determine the appropriate risk mitigation solution
  • are proficient in identifying fire hazards within Conveyor belt systems and implement the correct fire prevention solution
  • make use of thermal imaging equipment on electrical boards and machinery to detect any heat overload
  • are qualified, licensed commercial drone pilots

This is important because each surveyor makes use of drones when surveying risks, allowing us to reach areas of the risk, which are generally out of reach.

Our philosophy of using a highly trained in-house survey team has resulted in IUM saving billions of rands by avoiding multiple fires and shelving collapses.