Risk Management

Proactively managing and mitigating risk is in our DNA. At today’s pace you and your clients cannot afford to be delayed by uncertainties.

Risk management and loss prevention is about analysing, assessing, preventing, mitigating, and controlling the types of risks that can have a detrimental impact on the business operations of a company.

The basic benefit of IUM’s effective outsourced risk management is that it allows businesses to focus all their energy and attention on growing the bottom line, whilst leaving IUM to handle the risk associated with it.

Risk Management Solutions at IUM was borne out of evaluating the risk management philosophy prevalent in South Africa - where risk requirements are imposed on clients, with no intervention or guidance coming from their insurer, and no option of an alternative.

It is purely focused on developing solutions for complex risk related issues such as:

  • project managing the solution, from initiating the tender process to finalising the equipment installation
  • offering alternate solutions, outside the tick box system, most insurers have adopted

Our Risk Management Fire Protection Services, is specifically dedicated to providing:

  • fire protection and risk assessments
  • rational fire design and fire engineer approval
  • solutions that are not over engineered
  • the correct advice, product and costing at all times and
  • fast tracking certification, where required
  • nationwide Installation of all aspects of fire protection, suppression, and smoke detection by IUM's panel of approved suppliers and installers
  • affordable service and maintenance contracts using technology to ensure the clients premises remains fire compliant at all times
  • customer workshops and training

If you’re a broker, business owner, or manager responsible for the wellbeing of your company, IUM’s service offering is the solution you’ve been looking for.