Seeing Machines

Vehicle accidents are caused by complex factors: human error, negligence, risky behaviour, and unpredictable and unsafe conditions. With the world’s most holistic and integrated approach to driver safety technology, Seeing Machines is dramatically reducing transport related accidents every day, by mitigating some of the key the risks involved.

Underpinned by more than 20 years of scientific research into human behaviour in real-time conducted in real-world scenarios, Seeing Machines has developed the world’s most advanced AI driven safety technology.

This technology is the bedrock that enables new forms of intelligent machines to see, understand, assist and ultimately protect people who are using them. The holistic driver monitoring technology solution provides flexibility, scalability and integration optionality across a range of platforms.

As our world rapidly evolves, our experienced team work closely with industry to continue to stay one step ahead with evolving technology that enhances safety across our target transport sectors, enhancing intelligent machines based on a deep understanding of human behaviour.