Livegenic® and IUM

Livegenic® is trusted by insurance providers across the globe, which is one of the reasons we are partnered together.

Our partnership with Livegenic® connects every part of the claims process through our mobile and browser-based ecosystem, enabling IUM to optimise existing workflows, reduce costs, shorten cycle time, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Livegenic® mobile suite incorporates a variety of downloadable Apps and download-free solutions; each designed specifically to support our clients' specific workflows – from policyholder self-service to professional on-site inspection.

All content recorded or uploaded through this mobile suite is stored on the cloud-based Livegenic® Web Portal. Through the Web Portal, insurance professionals have complete access to all recorded content, as well as a host of other claims management, collaboration, and reporting tools – putting full control in both our hands, and yours for an engaging insurance experience.