IUM's Internal Surveying Department

In 2017, IUM initiated its own internal surveying department after recognising the reduction in capacity within the insurance market due to severe preventable fire losses over a number of years. IUM realised the need for insurers to adapt and change their process when underwriting risk, with our internal surveying department born of this realisation.

As new technologies become available, they allow us to help clients prevent major catastrophes from occurring by providing a service where it's easy to assess, analyse, and identify risks, and implement solutions to reduce and mitigate those risks.

Most insurers outsource the surveying aspect of risk management to third party service providers. With outsourcing under the spotlight, a number of risks have been revealed, which if left unattended, have the propensity to cause seriously negative consequences for clients. The risks when it comes to outsourcing surveying to third parties include:

  • Untrustworthy and inconsistent survey data
  • No centralised view of the underwriter's risk portfolio

There are often cumbersome manual processes with archaic systems that hinder the achievement of objectives, and there are often increased regulatory compliance obligations. We look to reduce these risks and archaic systems through our dedicated internal surveying department.

The surveying department at IUM is known for providing information on a timely basis and in a usable format to those who need it, performing tasks accurately and thoroughly with double-checks to ensure accuracy, following policies & procedures, safety, and security measures at all times.

It is our job to take away any fear of the future, allowing clients to focus on what matters most, their bottom line. IUM is the partner who provides protection and reduces risk… when life happens.