Motor Fleet
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This product offers a flexible insurance solution for unspecified commercial motor fleets

Target Market

  • Busses with more than 20 seats
  • Commercial trailers designed or adapted to carry goods
  • Commercial vehicles designed or adapted to carry goods
  • Golf carts
  • Minibuses, midi busses and kombis used for business purposes
  • Motorcycles, scooters, three-wheeled vehicles and quad bikes
  • Motorised motor homes
  • Private type motor cars including sports utility vehicles, 4x4’s and safari vans
  • Self-propelled agricultural vehicles and agricultural equipment designed to be drawn by such self-propelled agricultural vehicles, excluding irrigation systems on wheels and centre pivots
  • Special type vehicles manufactured or modified for specific commercial purposes such as digging, firefighting, lifting, loading, earth moving and the like and which are operated by skilled and trained operators
  • Any other vehicle without means of self-propulsion, designed to be drawn by a self-propelled vehicle, including the following whilst thereon, attached thereto or contained therein:
  • Factory fitted or after-market installed accessories and/or extras
  • One way vision material
  • Safety or protection film
  • Signwriting, branding or wrapping
  • Standard issued parts, tools and spare parts