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This product has been developed to protect the farmer from a wide range of risks, both human and physical, inherent in the demanding farming environment.

This product provides cover for loss of or damage to the following property typically found at a farm, including financial loss suffered by you as a result of such loss or damage causing an interruption to the farming activities as well as any liabilities arising therefrom or associated thereto.

Target Market

  • Buildings, warehouses, staff accommodation, offices, production lines, laboratories, and tank farms
  • Houses, guest accommodation and tasting rooms
  • Conference and spa facilities
  • Shops, delis and bakeries
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and cafés
  • Stock, contents and personal belongings
  • Library items, works of art, historical documents and manuscripts
  • Vehicles, vintage collections, agricultural equipment and machinery
  • Re-establishment costs for ground preparation, including fertilisers, fungicides and insecticides
  • Growing tunnels and similar structures including the contents therein
  • Irrigation systems and central pivots
  • Livestock and game
  • Petting zoo facilities
  • Paddocks, game fencing and boundary fences
  • Golf courses and bowling greens
  • Property on display or for sale at craft markets, trade shows, exhibitions and museums