IUM helps clients harvest the benefits of growing their business in an unpredictable environment. Natural catastrophes can have a disastrous impact on the farming industry, which is why IUM has specialist underwriters and a tailored solution to suit the various requirements that are unique to the South African market.

Our Agriculture product provides cover for all types of farming risks including cooling plants, marine cover for exports, a wide range of liability cover, warehouses, growing tunnels (plastic sheets, shade cloth and fibreglass), irrigation systems, farming implements, fodder and feed, and even livestock and pedigree animal cover, including cover for a range of illnesses.

We have the ability to include all personal related items to ensure that the client has complete cover on a single policy.

Target Market
Key Benefits
Liability Cover Included
Optional Cover
Target Market
Key Benefits
Liability Cover Included
Optional Cover
  • Co-ops
  • Dairy Farms
  • Fresh produce farms
  • Fruit farms
  • Game farms
  • Livestock farms
  • Maize Farming
  • Mixed Farming
  • Nuts and Seeds Producers
  • Smallholdings
  • Wine farms
  • Commercial and personal assets covered on the same policy
  • Extensions for Guesthouses and Lodges included
  • Specialist cover for farming vehicles and implements is all inclusive
  • Trauma treatment following hijacking, theft, fire or farm-attacks
  • Animals
  • Combine Corn Head and Cutting Platform damage
  • Hunters liability
  • Spread of Fire included for R250,000 (higher limits available)
  • Warehouseman’s Liability
  • Comprehensive cover for irrigation systems and pivots
  • Damage to Tyres (Agricultural Tractors, Harvesters and Agricultural Implements)
  • Flood including Breaking and overflowing of Dam Walls
  • Game cover
  • Growing Tunnels Excess (Plastic Sheets, Shade Cloth, Fibre Glass)
  • Liability for Damage to Sugar-Cane or any Plantation
  • Livestock in transit
  • Livestock cover including illnesses
  • Loss of use cover under all motor sections
  • Products Liability