Specialist Liability

IUM’s specialist liability insurance product covers all liability exposures for professional individuals, small businesses, large corporate and listed entities.

We offer broader definitions of injury and damages, together with non-accidental insurance on a stand-alone basis. Products are available for directors’ and officers’ liability, trustees’ indemnity, excess of loss liability, employers’ liability, and broadform liability. Our pollution liability product offers cover for both transit and static risks (including gradual pollution options).

We also have a wide range of other products such as products liability (from recall to guarantee), professional indemnity, property owners, spread of fire and various motor and passenger liability covers.

Key Benefits
Available Sections
Key Benefits
Available Sections
  • Broader definitions of injury and damage
  • Non-accidental insuring clause
  • Stand-alone policies
  • Adventure operators liability
  • Advertisers liability
  • Breach of copyright
  • Care, custody and control
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Employers liability
  • Excess of loss liability
  • General liability (broadform)
  • Good on the hook
  • Negligent advice
  • Pollution liability: static and transit risk
  • Products liability
  • Products recall
  • Professional indemnity
  • Property owners liability
  • Spread of fire
  • Special events liability
  • Warehouseman’s liability
  • Trustees indemnity