As an Underwriting Manager under the new binder regulations, IUM has been entrusted with the authority to apply our years of knowledge, expertise and state of the art systems to brokers and their clients with flexible and efficient decision-making powers to provide:

  • Tailored quotes and policies
  • Quick professional claims handling and settling
  • A 24-hour call centre to provide clients with the support and assistance they need in the event of a claim.

IUM knows and understands short-term insurance which is and has always been the core focus of our business. Our strong background in the short term insurance industry has given us the platform we needed to understand the problems a broker faces, thereby enabling us to offer exactly what they need and when they need it equating to our services to true value for both the broker and “their” clients. We are now distributing this expertise throughout our widespread broker channel.

Our brokers are our communication channel to policy holders and are therefore provided with the products, services, information and tools of the highest quality to meet their client related needs. We at IUM understand the brokers requirements and provide quick turn around on quotations, policy issuing and claims settlement.

We constantly adapt our policies and services to the ever changing insurance markets and our products and services are flexible enough to keep up with these changes. IUM’s ability to actively evaluate change ensures that brokers are prepared for whatever might happen.

We invite you as a Broker “client” or as a prospective client to engage with us and experience

IUM Insurance quote icon“The power of “Dynamic Risk Management”


Why select IUM as you preferred Insurance supplier:

  1. Qualified and Professional Personnel – We are at your disposal to continuously build around your clients unique requirements. You will have access to ongoing advice on all your commercial and leisure risks and insurance needs enabling IUM to support the sustainability of your clients business. We have specialists with the necessary expertise and experience you would expect and depend upon for the various products we offer.

  2. Competitive Premiums – are negotiated directly with us so that your clients enjoy value for money.

  3. Competitive Products and Policy Conditions – are also negotiated to reduce the effect of excesses on cash flow and to extend the policies required with important and needs-specific extensions. Our products are comprehensive enough to cover every need, yet flexible enough to assure a close fit with each client’s individual requirements. We know the market we are targeting and have designed products underwritten by a reputable, blue chip insurer. We use our knowledge of changing needs to continually enhance our already comprehensive range of Insurance products, thereby ensuring a precise fit between product features and broker and customer expectations.

  4. Flexible Payment Options – Premiums can be paid either annually or can be paid monthly via debit order. Monthly premiums can be paid any time between the 1st and the 15th of the month in which cover is provided.

  5. Streamlined Claims Service – will help your client's business limit the ill-effects any material loss may have on its ability to deliver on contracts and commitments, along with ongoing support and advice during the settlement process. Our claims settlement systems are designed to assure prompt action and assistance at a time when you may be under considerable pressure from your client to perform.

  6. Business Model Designed to Help You – Value is critical when your clients buy or products and services. Clients these days demand quality and cost-efficiency backed by customer care. This explains the growing appeal of the needs-driven service offering provided by IUM. We have designed products that are industry specific and tailor made to suit clients' ever changing needs. We reject the attitude that “one product fits all” and we are excited by the prospect of working with brokers to hone clients’ policies to suit their needs.

  7. Added Value – We add value in numerous ways:
    • Our standing in the market helps the broker secure the best insurance cover at the most competitive premiums.
    • We will help you assess your client’s risk.
    • We will help develop a well-structured insurance portfolio where covers efficiently dovetail rather than overlap.
    • We provide expert advice on changing needs when they arise and during periodic insurance portfolio reviews.
    • We give you the assurance that all advice is relevant and applicable as all our consultants have FAIS compliance along with their many years of experience.